What is The Box?

Helping You Build a Better Box

People tell you to “think out of the box,” but no one tells you what the box is. “The Box” represents the invisible boundaries of our thinking that help us understand and make decisions.

As you understand the current boundaries of your thinking, it creates the opportunity to make adjustments to those boundaries to deliver better results while causing less stress and strain.

The Box is an innovative and experiential tool developed by Jimbo Clark at InnoGreat, in Taiwan to help clients to think "outside of the box". Since its inception, it has been adopted by many organizations and consultants as part of their facilitation toolkit.

This site was started by Certified Box Facilitators Mike Grigg and David Davila, with permission from Jimbo Clark, as the US portal for Box-related events and delivery inquiries.

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- Management & Leadership

- Diversity & Inclusion

- Creativity & Innovation

- Mindfulness

- Team Building

- EQ & Empathy

- Organizational Strategy

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